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Monique Parrish

Monique Parrish

Founder and Director

Monique’s contributions have helped organizations implement high-quality programs and services.

Monique began her career as a Peace Corps health volunteer in the Central African Republic. She received her Master of Public Health and Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University and her Doctorate in Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley. She facilitates monthly caregiver support groups and works part-time as a behavioral health provider in a local Federally Qualified Health Center.

Monique is passionate about addressing the needs of underrepresented persons and communities and recognizes the value of all people to live healthy, quality lives.

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In collaborating with Monique, I consistently rely on her to create exceptional documents, conduct extensive research, administer key informant surveys, and lead focus groups that incorporate expert opinions and community perspectives into our projects. Monique excels as a facilitator in public forums and organizational strategic planning, showcasing superb organizational abilities in every task. Her diverse skill set spans clinical expertise, organizational development, public speaking, writing, and research, complemented by her talent for fostering inclusivity and recognizing contributions from all participants. Monique has remained a top choice for special projects over the years, earning her a prominent place on our list of trusted professionals.

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Executive Director
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LifeCourse Strategies (LCS) has been providing consulting services since 2003 (our original name was LifeCourse Care, but we changed it to LifeCourse Strategies in 2004 due to our being confused with a home care agency model). Over the past 20 years, our consulting firm has expanded its services and practice areas. Initially, we focused on older adults and caregivers, but we have since added services for adults with serious illnesses, palliative care, and homelessness.

Our broader LifeCourse Strategies team includes consultants with expertise in research, evaluation, project development, and strategic planning in the areas of aging, caregiving, palliative care, serious illness, and homelessness.

Design Evolution

We created a Möbius strip logo back in 2003 that we updated with our name change in 2004. We elected to use a Möbius strip to reflect the fluid interconnectedness of people and environments. A “We are all in this together” kind of thinking.

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